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Partnering for Success

Investments Strategy

Wood Capital prefers to invest in small and middle market operating companies, targeting equity investments generally up to $10 million in companies with revenues generally between $10 million and $50 million. The firm pursues opportunities where it can provide meaningful value to a management team through previous industry experience. Wood Capital is also interested in control investments in management buyouts and recapitalization transactions, or select minority equity investments in companies which coincide with our areas of expertise.

Investments Criteria

Notable Investments

Introducing Our Portfolio of Transformative Ventures

Wood Capital takes great pride in our diverse portfolio of transformative ventures that are shaping industries and driving innovation. Among our notable investments, we have strategically focused on the medical cannabis market, recognizing its immense potential for growth and impact. Our commitment to supporting visionary companies in this sector has positioned us at the forefront of the evolving landscape.

Leading the Way in the Canadian Medical Cannabis Market

Jed Wood, president of Wood Capital was a critical early-stage investor in the Canadian, US, and UK medical cannabis industry, funding corporations and early-stage founders, in addition to providing business, operational, and entrepreneurial advice and experience in helping develop the sector.

The Canadian industry had many barriers and challenges before successfully developing into the largest and most capitalized cannabis market in the world. Access to capital and business/operational advice was very limited and Jed Wood, president of Wood Capital was critical to these companies surviving, developing, and maturing. Wood Capital and related parties have generated more than US$100M in the fair market value of its investments in the sector.

Wood Capital and Jed Wood have been some of the most successful business investors in the sector, spanning three countries (Canada, US, UK), and in four companies that were critical to the success of the sector. The experience gained from successful capital markets, operational, business, and medical research in this sector over the last decade is a valuable and unique asset.

Prior Investments

Mr. Wood also provides financing for the following companies:

  • Q5iD, the future of identity management
  • Stream Asset Financial L.P., a leading global alternative capital provider
  • CorVista Health harnesses the power of AI to reimagine cardiac disease detection
  • Wishi Fashion LTD, an e-commerce software company for the fashion industry
  • Ardenton, a global portfolio management company with majority ownership interests in portfolio companies in CA, US, and the UK
  • Dataminr, one of the world’s leading AI businesses informs clients about high-impact events and emerging risks to mitigate and manage crises more effectively
  • Palantir empowers organizations with the ability to create and govern AI across public and private networks
  • SkyFish, a drone platform designed to inspect, measure, map, and model critical infrastructure
  • Rivers Capital Group provides capital with a preference for businesses that have a commercial real estate component
  • Miami Cocktail, a clean craft cocktail RTD CPG company
  • Aspire Health Science Inc., developing best-in-class therapies in the fight against cancer, vascular, orthopedic and age-related diseases

Canopy Growth

Investment Overview: In 2016 Wood Capital was a public investor via primary capital markets financing in the first major Cannabis company in the world, Canopy Growth. Canopy was the largest company, first mover, and first company to list both in Canada and the US. A history of Canopy Growth and its critical importance to the development of the production, manufacture, distribution and commercialization. Canopy did not have access to capital, and Wood Capital was a critical business supporter in the early days.

Canopy Health Innovations

Investment Overview: In 2016 Wood Capital was an early stage primary private investor in Canopy Health Innovations, a major health care/medical cannabis private company. Wood Capital was one of the largest investors in the company at that stage. Canopy Health was acquired by the public company Canopy Growth in 2018. The Wood Capital investment position in 2018 post-transaction was valued at approximately $44M.

Beckley Therapeutics

Investment Overview: In 2018 Wood Capital invested in UK private medical cannabis company Beckley Therapeutics as an early private investor and the largest investor. Beckley was acquired by public company Canopy Growth in 2019 at an estimated value to Wood Capital of $11M.

RIV Capital (Canopy Rivers)

Investment Overview: In 2017 Wood Capital was a private investor in private cannabis company Canopy Rivers owning over 10 percent of the company and the largest investor after Canopy Growth. Canopy Rivers (RIV Capital renamed) went public in 2018 at a value to Wood Capital of $45M. The Wood Groups´ operational and capital support was critical to their success.

Aspire Bio

Investment Overview: In 2018, Wood Capital made a controlling investment in Aspire Bio, a registered manufacturing facility specializing in contract manufacturing and development of cellular therapies. After receiving cGMP, ISO, U.S. FDA, and Health Canada certification and establishingpartnerships with multiple biotech companies, principal scientists and investors,Wood Capital successfully exited the investment in 2022.

Garage World

Investment Overview: Wood Capital invested in these growing businesses offering a private facility for customers to store or display their equipment, vehicles, and possessions, enabling them to get safe and secure spaces at affordable costs.

Quantum Petrophysics, Inc.:

Investment Overview: Wood Capital has invested in Quantum Petrophysics since 2012 as a research & development business serving the oil & gas industry. Quantum Petrophysics Inc. offers a new and unique generation of well-logging technology in a universal platform to meet the demands of today’s oilfield service industry.

Red Flame Industries, Inc.:

Investment Overview: Wood Capital has invested in Red Flame is a privately held company headquartered in Red Deer, Alberta for the oil, gas, petrochemical, and renewable resource industries. Offering since 1996 Hot Taps & Line Stops, Repair Sleeves, Well Abandonment & Re-Entry., Non-Destructive Testing, On-Line Pipe Repair Services, Technical Bolting & Calibration, Heat Treatment, Field Machining, Iso-Hydrotesting, Custom Manufacturing and Supply Technical Tool Sales & Rentals.